September 12, 2017

This is where my mummy beliefs, values

There's a wonderful scarpe calcio nike country song that all Johnny Cash fans knows. It's known as The Gambler and I've found its message to become profound in relationship to parenting and, actually, life.
You gotta know when to hold 'em
Know when to fold 'em
Know when you should walk away
Know when to run
This can visit reveal that there are many matters in life we can study from, particularly if we're focusing, and 'us parents' will sometimes snatch at any straw of inspiration to feel we're doing OK within our parenting decision.
This song's philosophy has been with me in relationship to raising kids. My daughter is just 8 and she is desperate for a set of shoes.
Not only ANY shoes but tottering, glittering, glamorous diamante studded stiletto shoes. It has arrived at her attention, and for that reason mine, that her not too dainty foot can now squeeze into a very dainty size 5 adult lady shoe.
The world is her oyster. Approximately she thinks!
This is where my mummy beliefs, values and ideals start working. How nike hypervenom phantom do you show an eight year old that she's too young for these gorgeous delicacies? She'd seem like a miniature tart on stilts (no offence ladies' she is 8!!)
So we're 'browsing' with the underlying tone of quiet desperation. You can work out whether I'm talking about me, or her, there. I'm quietly muttering 'Too high, no, too high' and she's beseechingly saying 'I understand what you're going to say mum, but'', 'oh see this one'.', 'it's not so high as that one''
I'm beginning to waver as we move between stores with my little one holding me in innocent enjoyment of the day out alone with her mummy. She exclaims with such heartfelt, beseeching sincerity; 'High heeled footwear is my entire life!' Sigh.
A valuable and sympathetic shop assistant smiles broadly and says we must possess a special day approaching. 'Yes, we do' I answer, 'feeling wonderful about ourselves'.
We discover an ideal court shoe with a girlish bow, the perfect height, diamante trim along with a perfect fit. We're both caught up in the moment until I recognize the shoe is $110!
I just can't do that with this growing foot along with a little soul who'll love her shoes enough to wear them through the years (grass, rocks and dirt probably that's). I must avoid a crest fallen little girl who implores me to put it on my small credit card.
Suddenly that first pair we saw four shops ago, which i dismissed while barely looking at them, seem a real option. My daughter has remembered them through out the whole journey while I was getting my head round the whole concept.
Time is running out in the day and that we retrace our steps right back to where we started. My head is beginning to catch up with the message on my heart;
You gotta know when you should hold them
Know when to fold them
Know when you should leave
Know when you should run
With regards to parenting:
Sometimes it's important to set boundaries, limits, restrictions and rules nuove scarpe da calcio. Sometimes I need to bend with the wind, surrender a little, realize I'm enforcing my value levels in everyday life on my small children; perhaps unnecessarily. Sometimes the argument is just not worth winning. Being graceful and bowing out is usually the best outcome for both my child and myself. And sometimes I'm dealing with my passionate little daughter and I'd best know when I'm plain beat!

Like Cinderella she slips the fragile little lady shoes on her behalf feet and smiles hopefully when i kneel to buckle the small straps. They're perfect! Why didn't I see it an hour before?
Don't sweat the little stuff, I tell myself silently. There'll be time enough for counting once the dealings done.

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