October 19, 2017

There was a somewhat unusual sign perched in the front window

An informal visit to a mercurial superfly pas cher local gift shop turned out to be an incredible journey back in time. There was a somewhat unusual sign perched in the front window. It was an arrow with flashing lights pointing the way. I had no clue this sign would point me to a trip back in its history.
I had been curious as to the origins of the unusual but familiar sign. I thought of signs that were similar when I only agreed to be a lad in the sixties. I was used through the 'spirit' of the sign.
There is an easy placard attached to one end. The highest Outdoor Display, Inc. was the name of the company that made the sign. There have been also patent numbers and an address that I assumed was long gone right now.
Equipped with these chaussure de foot pas cher clues, it was time to use my detective skills. I learned a few tricks from reading every Hardy Boys book ever printed! I searched for the patent numbers and found a fantastic partnership between two very different people, Kozy Boren and Conrad Escalante.
This partnership would be a match made in heaven! Kozy grew up in his father's blacksmith shop while Conrad was the real blue salesman. When Kozy found Gulf Development for any sales job, he didn't realize how significant a role his sales director would play in the future. Conrad took Kozy under his wing and taught him how you can be a great salesman.
What these two sales professionals did next would shape an economy for decades. They used the talents of a Naval machinist named Kozy Boren and the marketing skills of Conrad Escalante and also the Superior Arrow was created!
The thing is these arrows were created with flashing lights to attract the interest of potential customers that were driving by. It was these flashing arrow and star signs that propelled both of these entrepreneurs into the limelight!
They helped small businesses contend with the larger corporate stores. How? The Superior Arrow would be attached to the existing manifestation of the business. They simply directed the customers to a small company that otherwise would have gone unnoticed! No words were utilized in making the Superior Arrow signs. They merely used the arrow and an array of flashing lights to point the way.
Kozy Boren and Conrad Escalante revolutionized the economy for a lot of small businesses across this nation! I remember a few of these signs being posted on businesses in my home town. The drive-in theater, sandwich shop and also the local mechanic had the highest Arrow signs attached to them.
I had no idea what impact these arrows had until I used my Hardy Boys' skills some fifty years later and uncovered an amazing story. How much of an awesome magista obra pas cher journey back in time!

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