November 26, 2017

McCain purported to be a lifelong boxing fan

John McCain, as a famous nike magista obra Senator from Arizona, had gotten lots of mileage out of his five-year internment in a Vietnamese prisoner of war (POW) camp; as opposed to the more realistic portrayal of him like a pure victim, the slick public relations machine he'd cultivated could spin him right into a full-blown hero. More often than not, McCain was successful in co-opting the press with what would be a somewhat blind quest for political glory. His critics opined that he never met a camera he didn?t like or headline-grabbing issue he was not prepared to sell himself to. But he had followers, particularly one of the media, which was prepared to disregard the proven fact that despite his public stance for campaign finance reform, McCain was one of the great abusers from the process; in fact, he was one of the disgraced people in the "Keating Five," which doled out political influence in exchange for hefty contributions and financial favors.

Though he'd been labeled a "maverick" by most of the press corps, McCain was hardly that; rather, he was he was a very calculating political animal who often saw which way the wind was blowing and hurled himself - with sycophantic media grasping on to his boots - in that direction.

McCain purported to be a lifelong boxing fan, and claimed to become a boxer of some note at the Naval Academy, where he gained admission like a "legacy" (his father was an alumnus) and graduated close to the bottom of his class. He favored legislation to bring about some federal charge of boxing and would later cheap nike magista spearhead efforts to pass through more extensive bills in that quest. He was quite keen on accepting free tickets from the very promoters his legislation might have regulatory authority over. Coincidentally, they then and gratuities often landed him ringside, in camera view, throughout an HBO or Showtime telecast.

From the beginning, there was going to be some establishment potential to deal with mixed martial arts. The sport, using its lack of structured rules, did not fit into the regulations which were organized through the athletic commissions across the country. In fact, the majority of the regulatory people didn?t comprehend it, and for that reason had no idea how to classify it. It certainly wasn?t boxing, which used hands only, or kick boxing, which allowed for kicks and that was sanctioned in certain states. Also it most surely was not a "worked" sport like pro wrestling, which also fell underneath the jurisdiction of some of the athletic commissions.

Plus, there is not necessarily enough mixed martial arts activity going on for the states to accept break to draft regulations for it. If there was the possibility of only a couple of events per year, why would they feel the procedure for engaging commission attorneys to draw up a new set of rules, or approach their state legislature having a bill to be passed, in order to accommodate it?

Besides, there is an increasing - and influential - constituency of people that viewed mixed martial arts as "barbarism" and "bloodsport." Many of these people used an expression that became a standard for cheap shots as time progressed - "human cock fighting."

If you have pervading mainstream attitudes like this, the climate is ripe for political nike hypervenom opportunity. And sure enough, out of the rubble emerged among the great political opportunists of recent years.

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