August 31, 2016

Many reasons exist why and how foot discomfort happens

Got sore feet? Expect. Reports indicate that at around 75% of american citizens have experienced or currently experience foot pain. Think about it: Each foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, 100 tendons, and countless things can go wrong. If you are in your feet whatsoever, there's a pretty good possibility you'll experience foot pain at some point.
Four Reasons for Foot Pain
Many reasons exist why and how foot discomfort happens. Here are some of the most common explanations why the feet might be sore:
You're wearing improper footwear. The mother of all foot maladies is footwear problems. Foot pain begins when shoes are cheaply made, lack proper heel cushioning, provide insufficient arch support, fit improperly, or neglect to give balance. High-heeled shoes commonly create soreness, just like some tight-fitting dress shoes. It's easy to overlook similar problems that can occur with casual walking shoes or perhaps athletic shoes. A proper fit along with a quality shoe are crucial for successfully fighting foot pain.
Pinched nerve. The foot operates on precision, but when it's impacted or squeezed by tight-fitting shoes, nerves are affected.
Sprain. The numerous ligaments within the foot can become stretched due to over activity. A sprain creates nasty pain that can linger for weeks if not treated properly.
Stress fractures. Sometimes foot pain is caused by a tiny break such as a hairline fracture which goes unnoticed. Though the break may not be spotted, the pain sensation is certainly present, and may create mobility problems.
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