July 07, 2016

do not get some ridiculous dragon-shaped torch

5 Best Cigar Lighters

So you have taken a liking towards the wonderful world of fine cigars. Initially, the aromas, relaxation, and fellowship pulled you in which means you bought a few sticks. Of course your collection quickly grew and you find yourself in a full-on hobby, a tasty hobby, I would add. One thing you might not have anticipated all this stogie madness is all the small stuff that accompany cigar smoking: the humidor, cutter, and lighter, simply to name a few. Even though there are just too many facets of the cigar world to think about with this article, I thought I might give a few pointers in the way of the all-important cigar lighter, possibly the most important cigar accessory you can own (tied using the humidor obviously).

First of all, there are many ways to light a cigar, some better than others, and some you just shouldn't try (trust me, I've lit my stogies in ways I care as well as). Now I'm sure you've probably heard this already, but I'm going to mention it anyways - get rid of that Bic lighter! Cigars deserve more respect than that, they've special needs? Kerosene along with other oil-based lighters (Zippos) shouldn't be used for cigars because it taints the flavor from the cigar. Matches may be used to light up, but avoid sulfur tips (strike anywhere) as they too have a foul taste. Another downside to matches is you'll wind up using half the box if you're getting an effective light. Some will light cedar sticks called "cedar spills" and employ these to light the cigar, but most choose a butane torch lighter; clean-burning, convenient to carry, and affordable typically? this is exactly what you want.

What to look for
When creating that vital decision of what lighter to purchase, you will find right away there's a lot of options out there! In the widely varying prices, to size, brand, and more, you will find generally five factors I watch for.

You're going to be using this thing a great deal (I hope), make sure it is something that catches you're eye. It should be also simple to fit in your pocket, so do not get some ridiculous dragon-shaped torch?

Simplicity of use:
Again, you'll be by using this often, a great lighter ought to be easy to fill, open, and light. Look for lighters that open and lightweight simultaneously should you really want to avoid an inconvenience.

Flame Count:
This really is entirely up to the person, one flame will require longer to obtain the cigar started but is effective for those fine touchups. Three flames can get you ready to go without any questions asked. As if you might expect, two flames is kind of prefer of all possible worlds! (for me)

Fuel Capacity:
Something might not want to look for, a small fuel size can get rather annoying rather quick. A good lighter should be able to handle a table of cigar smokers not a problem. However, a lighter could possibly get fairly bulky with a large gas tank, try to find a great balance.

This is actually the the very first thing for a good lighter. What is the reason for a lighter that doesn't light?! The very best lighters light each time, no exceptions. Even though the top-of-the-line lighters are generally probably the most reliable (naturally), a dependable lighter can be found at a decent price, you just need to know where to look. Consequently, a "cheapy" lighter is almost certain to be unreliable, avoid those "great deal" $5 lighters if you would like something which works if this should.

So what lighters are available? What brands are we able to trust to deliver on any most of these aforementioned traits? While I haven't tried 'em all (who has?), I've been around of sufficient length to obtain a good feel of which lighters would be the "real deal" and which ones just? blow. In my opinion, these are some of the best cigar lighters available for the hard-earned cash.

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