June 12, 2016

A wild storm let all of the soldiers from grief to laughter

Once the sound from the whole bodysoccer shoes sale covered with tsing yi young will have plowed right into a gas war within tornado inside, in to the whole body after a tornado in the body is really a tornado tearing up the general, a sense of the abnormal pain, regardless of its entire body pain, caught the small boy, then use gas would be the little boy to fight a tornado of one's within the shield to push hard. YangFan in this strong war gas promotion, the kid has like a shell leaving a rifle just like a tornado broke with the shell of ground, obviously they've the zone around all search, however i still aren't able to find YangFan, even the body wasn't found. Also it is really so, YangGe and yan deeply son think YangFan also reside in, this is what support they've been found the reason for now.
At this time, a little way away YangGe and yan deeply son also dragged heavy steps walked to come over, see a couple following the expression of need not ask also know the result, be sure it is not found.
"Hello, I YangFan and back alive" see everything sentimental shape, YangFan heart a pang of emotion, her eyes instantly become red, filled with tears to maneuver out of the ground surface to all shouted.
All popularity to smell, I saw a ragged over, with my hair down to the young are shouted to them, the computation of the weak form isn't weak Yang all who, "is a little less Lord" a comparison from the soldiers called eyes pointed to.
Immediately, all of the stood up in the earthshouted: "small little Lord not dead, small little Lord come back", the former decadent vanish.
When YangFan parked in front, YangGe acid in its nose directly chest beating a boxing, way: "your boy is actually an adequate amount of shadows, that may tear wu huang tornado unexpectedly may also not die your boy hey hey."
Smell speech YangFan moved once again, and that he recognizes that this is a man from a way to express feelings, then fought to carry in the heart of the YangGe moved to a jeet kune: "how can I be prepared to part with or use let old elder brother a person to free and unfettered ah ha ha."
"That YangFan brother be prepared to part with or use yan deeply son?" See YangFan back safely, yan deeply son finally also put his heart down, the center can not grasp the emotional, freely asked a way out.
"Well.... And, obviously, won't ah" YangFan side answer, side by hand nao nao head would be a tornado blowing a mess around the hair of my shyness hides his word.
See a form, all people a laugh, yan deeply son also can not contain a, laughed aloud.
A wild storm let all of the soldiers from grief to laughter, also allow them to from mutual indifference become gradually warm-up, within the battlefield for

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