September 22, 2016

Athletes with poor foot mechanics are more vulnerable to sustaining lower extremity injuries

Even the slightest changes, such as leg length discrepancies, high arches or fallen arches, can have a huge effect on your entire body's ability to function properly without pain or injury. If you're a sports athlete, many sport-related injuries develop from poor biomechanics of the foot. Athletes with poor foot mechanics are more vulnerable to sustaining lower extremity injuries. As your body tries to make amends for any anomalies, parts of your muscles, joints and tendons are put under excessive stress.

Visit Your Charlotte Podiatrist

It's important that athletes visit Dr. Scott Basinger, your Ballantyne, NC podiatrist, for a thorough assessment of the biomechanics in the first sign of an issue or pain, including foot discomfort, poor balance, or unexplained corns and calluses. An assessment of the low limbs will help identify what happens inside your legs and feet whenever you walk, stand and run. A professional evaluation is critical for successful prevention and management of any injury or condition.

How to pick Tennis shoes

From soccer and tennis to golf and basketball, the structure of your foot and then any abnormalities should be considered when choosing an effective shoe for your activity. Look for a shoe that combines flexibility, support and cushioning to absorb impact and lessen shock around the feet. Prior to you buying a sports shoe, Dr. Basinger recommends visiting Ankle & Foot Center of Charlotte for any professional evaluation of the foot type, any underlying deformities and helpful shoe buying tips.

Kinds of Shoes. You will find unique variations in the manner different athletic shoes support the feet. Which means that it's not best to play football within the same shoes you use for jogging. Your feet require different support for various activities and movement.

A great sports shoe should be suited to support the foot in position that is most natural to the movement required. For example, a running footwear is designed to accommodate high-impact while a shoe built for tennis or basketball provides a combination of flexibility and sideways support.

By helping cover their the Old. Like the majority of things, your tennis shoes will need replacing after a period of time. A classic, worn-out shoe is a very common reason for sport-related injuries. If you run, track your mileage to find out whenever your shoes have endured too much activity, and when you see obvious wearing of the soles or you sense deficiencies in cushioning in the shoes, it may be time for you to purchase a new pair.

Don't let poor foot biomechanics compromise your game. Whether you are a full-time athlete or even the weekend warrior, your podiatrist in Ballantyne, NC can help you go back to your favorite sport activity. Not simply will performance improve, but injuries may also be significantly reduced with medicine and also the right shoe.Article resource: Hartmen writes for Dr. Scott Basinger of Ankle and Foot Center of Charlotte, a leading Ballantyne, NC podiatrist. Offering a complete variety of services, including management of heel pain, foot pain, bunions and heel pain, Dr. Basinger, podiatrist in Ballantyne, NC, is capable of treat any disorder of the foot and ankle for patients of all ages.

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